Being a hotel with several mascots of its own, Hacienda San Angel and owner Janice Chatterton take the subject of animal homelessness very seriously. While many of the cats and dogs on hotel property have been there for years, many also go to the SPCA shelter founded by Chatterton, whose passion for animals inspired her to bring the organization to Puerto Vallarta. At the shelter, animals enjoy spacious rooms, large garden and grass areas for playing, and lots of toys and personal attention (much like guests at Hacienda). Sadly, the same cannot be said for countless animals in the surrounding area.

Homeless and abandoned animals are an issue everywhere and despite its beautiful beaches, Puerto Vallarta is no exception. Every day hundreds of otherwise healthy companion animals are euthanized simply because there is not enough space or money to house and feed their population. The SPCA de Puerto Vallarta’s mission is to promote awareness and raise funds for sterilization, adoption and healthcare programs for companion animals in Puerto Vallarta in order to prevent unnecessary euthanasia.

Hacienda San Angel proudly supports SPCA de Puerto Vallarta.

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