Puerto Vallarta has beautiful beaches, renowned restaurants and copious cultural attractions, but what do you do when the sun goes down? While there are plenty of activities to keep even the most seasoned vacationers occupied after nightfall, Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant nightlife may be one of the greatest appeals of the city.

After sunset, the streets of Puerto Vallarta come alive with the spirit of this vibrant town in the form of music, street performers, bars and dancing!

El Malecon boardwalk is one of the best places in Puerto Vallart to experience nightlife. Located right on the ocean strip, it is easily navigated and boasts bars, clubs and restaurants. In between, stay entertained on the strip by the many performers, vendors and abundant opportunities for people watching.

Still not sure where to go? Hacienda San Angel’s knowledgeable staff can help you figure out the perfect spot for your adventures after dark. What better way to cap off a relaxing day at the pool than by enjoying an energizing night out?