For many the word “vacation” conjures up visions of soft-sand beaches, lavish five-star accommodations, the finest dining and the best entertainment within arm’s reach. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for those seeking this kind of access to luxury.

There is, however, another breed among us for whom the word “vacation” brings to mind thoughts of rustic nature, wildlife, unbridled terrain and exciting adventures. Believe it or not, Puerto Vallarta is also perfect for these vacationers!

Sandwiched between the Sierra Madre and the Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta has a wealth of activities for adventure seekers. Here are some ideas to make your vacation here exactly what you imagined:

Mountain Expeditions

Ever dreamed of trekking in the mountains? Let a tour guide lead you along some of the most exciting trails in the Sierra Madre. Spot animals you have never seen before and experience breathtaking waterfalls.

Cave Diving

Go beyond just snorkeling and scuba diving. Take a scuba tour of one of the underwater caves or through some of the most beautiful sea life on the planet in the Banderas Bay.

Canopy Tours & Zip Lining

High in the canopy of the jungle, cross challenging suspension bridges and enjoy the view. After that, fly down the mountainside at top speeds on one of the many zip lines.

This is just a short list of the many exciting adventures you can enjoy while in Puerto Vallarta. No matter what you decide to do, Hacienda San Angel can help you plan the trip that is right for you!