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5 Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

August 27, 2018


As Puerto Vallarta reaches its peak summer season, escaping tropical temps doesn’t have to mean spending extra hours holed up where there’s ample air conditioning. Here are a few ways to embrace the sultry climate while also keeping cool:

  1. Take a dip on one of the Hacienda’s three pools. Soak up the sun at your semi-private pool, then take a refreshing dip while drinking in the views and lush, tropical surroundings.
  2. Chill out with a handcrafted margarita (a guest favorite!). Whether poolside or in one of the hotel’s open-air restaurants, a crisp cocktail is sure to quench your thirst.
  3. Plunge into the perfectly invigorating Pacific. Let the ocean breezes and salt water sea squelch the sweat!  Puerto Vallarta has several celebrated playas including:  Playa Chacala, Playa Mayto, Playa las Gemelas, Playa Bucerías and Playa Careyesare.
  4. Cool off with a tasty treat. Get a scoop (or two!) from Sabore Helados, a nearby artisanal ice cream shop with creative flavors like goat cheese with cajeta and nuts, and red wine and red berries sorbet.
  5. Retreat into the rainforest for Rhythms of the Night. Tucked in a timeworn pyramid, deep in the Las Caletas forest, this mystical amphitheater showcases rotating music and dance performances -- where only the acts are en fuego!