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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October 24, 2017

October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month" and at Hacienda San Angel, we’re paws-itively supporters of adopting. In fact, Hacienda’s proprietor, Janice Chatterton, founded SPCA de PV, a no-kill shelter and sanctuary that can house up to 130 animals at once and finds permanent homes for over 200 animals each year. Check out SPCA de PV’s Facebook page to see the cute canines that are currently available for adoption.

If adoption is not an option, there are other meaningful ways to support the SPCA. One of the best ways is to volunteer at the sanctuary, either by assisting with weekly tours or interacting with the animals to aid in their socialization. The majority of SPCA’s furry friends come from extremely abusive situations or have been abandoned, so the goal is to get them adjusted and capable of integrating into the real world. Volunteers can walk dogs, play with the animals, assist the vet and help with feedings. Anything to get those tails wagging! Volunteers can also staff a SPCA booth at one of the local markets and spread the word to help find animals forever homes. If you’re interested in volunteering or want more details, please contact

Not able to volunteer? Donations are instrumental in keeping the SPCA operational, whether monetary or items like towels, leashes, collars, dog and cat toys, animal beds, carriers and sweaters.  

With a mission to rescue the abused, homeless animals from Puerto Vallarta’s streets and place them in foster or forever homes in both the United States and Canada, SPCA de PV is an instrumental organization in getting animals off the streets.

For more information, ask the front desk, contact, or