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Discover Puerto Vallarta’s Treasures at Marina Vallarta Art & Market

January 16, 2018

Walk around the charming cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta and you’ll find unique, artisan treasures and souvenirs around almost every corner. But, one of the best places to procure gifts and absorb the local culture is at the Marina Vallarta Art & Market. Open every Thursday from 6-10pm, the lively market features culinary delights, locally-made art and live music. Held along the Malecón with up to 200 vendors, shoppers will find everything from hand-painted art and silver jewelry to homemade bread and locally-sourced tequila to traditional cigars and leather huaraches. 

In addition to an assortment of treasures, the vibrant market entertains tourists and locals, alike, with thrilling live performances.  Folkloric dancers, Mariachi, a Huichol group and others all make the market a memorable and festive experience.

The Marina Vallarta Art & Market runs through May 31, 2018. For more information, visit: