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Puerto Vallarta Adds New Art

September 14, 2018

Photo By Banderas News 


Puerto Vallarta continues its cultural evolution, the city is adding to its artistic landscape with 13 large format sculptures created by international artists during last year's ‘International Forum of Sculptors.' Five of the donated stainless steel sculptures are now part of the public spaces throughout the municipality.

The sculptures include: 'The History of the Fisherman' by Jerome Symons (Holland), located in Colonia La Aurora; 'Hombre Murciélago III' by Amancio González (Spain), located in the linear park in El Pitillal; 'Golden Age' by Tamás Baráz (Hungary), located in the plaza in Colonia Infonavit; 'Dentro del Unicornio' by Aldo Shiroma Uza (Peru), located in Los Sauces Park; and, 'Magic Pen' by Kemal Tufan (Turkey), located on the road to Las Palmas, at its junction with Avenida Universidad.

The initiative is meant to provide Puerto Vallarta with public art works that showcase the heritage of citizens and celebrate the city’s cultural legacy. Interim mayor Rodolfo Domínguez Monroy said in a statement, "On this occasion, the sculptures are being delivered to different colonias for the enjoyment of the local people and the beautification of their environment. We want to build a relationship of civic pride and identity in these neighborhoods of the municipality and, at the same time, encourage art and creativity in our children and young people.”

Visitors interested in seeing the sculptors can inquire with reception about their exact locations.