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Puerto Vallarta is a Colorful Canvas on City Art Walk

September 7, 2017


Over the years, Puerto Vallarta has established itself as a respected hub for art creation, exhibition and promotion. As such, there are several opportunities for visitors to get a glimpse of the city’s prolific art offerings.

One of the best ways to experience the city’s galleries is through Vallarta ArtWalk. Running every Wednesday from October 25, 2017 through May 30, 2018, 6pm to 10pm, participating galleries in Centro Historico will exhibit paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry from national and international artists.

Here are a few of the notable galleries along the walk:

Galería Caballito de Mar-- Featuring art that reflects Mexico's cultural past and rich heritage, this gallery exhibits a curated assortment of antique jewelry, ceramics and textiles.

Galería Colectika -- With a focus on color, form and technique showcasing the evolution of Mexican art, this gallery features well-known native and Mexican folk artists.

Galería Córsica -- One of the ArtWalk’s keystone galleries, it features contemporary fine art from exclusively top Mexican artists, making it a favorite of among collectors.

Galeria Petra Luna-- With an assortment of pottery, ceramics, and paintings, this gallery showcases the various mediums and techniques present in Mexican folk.

Galería de Ollas-- Dedicated to exhibiting the finest pottery, this gallery sources and procures pieces from Mata Ortiz, Mexico’s 300 ceramists.

Galería Pacifico -- Presenting a strong contemporary aesthetic, this gallery has represented an eclectic and curated group of artists for the last 30 years.  

Nordsouth Gallery-- A premier destination for design inspiration, this gallery features both art and furniture, and offers commercial and residential interior design services.

The Loft Galería -- Exhibiting works from a selection of America’s finest contemporary artists, this gallery specializes in assisting individuals and corporations curate valuable collections.

For more information visit Vallarta ArtWalk.