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Puerto Vallarta Makes Sustainable Strides by Banning Plastic

July 26, 2018

Photo By Vallarta Daily News 


As Puerto Vallarta continues to move towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, the State Congress just introduced a new measure to ban plastic straws, plastic bags and Styrofoam across Jalisco. It’s been widely reported that plastic straws, which have become a universal symbol of excessive waste, along with other plastic items and Styrofoam, are causing extensive harm to our oceans -- from the plant marine life to the mammals.

Effective January 1, 2019, Puerto Vallarta’s 125 municipalities will be required to “regulate and sanction the use of these products, as well as to generate environmental education campaigns, agreements with companies that replace their plastics with biodegradable materials, monitor compliance with the prohibition and establish sanctions,” according to the Banderas News.

As a result of this new initiative, state government will be challenged with providing research and development to find a viable solution to replace plastic and Styrofoam products.  And, they’ll have to work diligently to generate public awareness and incentives to support eco-friendly alternatives.

The Banderas News reports that the “proposal arose from the initiative presented in Puerto Vallarta by city councilman Juan José Cuevas, based on the observations he had made about the indiscriminate use of straws in that tourist center.”

We look forward to being a partner alongside the Puerto Vallarta community at large in making significant strides to better the environment.